The home inspection is a perfect time for buyers to see what they’re getting themselves into. Learn about what happens during the inspection process.

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens during the home inspection process, today’s message is for you.

During an inspection, a NACHI-certified home inspector will visit the property and check out everything from the major systems and appliances to the most minor of details. So, given how thorough this process is, you can imagine that the reports they produce at the end of the inspection are bound to reflect some problems.

“Safety, mechanical, structural, or health-related problems tend to be the most significant.”

The most important thing is to know which problems are a big deal and which aren’t. Safety, mechanical, structural, or health-related problems tend to be the most significant. So, if you’re buying a home that has any of these issues, you and your Realtor will almost certainly draft an objection to ask that the seller either resolve the problems themselves or give you a financial credit to do so.

After receiving this, the seller will respond with an amendment to the purchase contract called an inspection resolution. After everyone has agreed to and signed this amendment, it becomes a tangible representation of the seller’s legal obligation to fix the listed issues.

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