The spirit of our annual barbecue persists; here’s what you need to know.

You’ve been emailed this video message because you’re a special VIP client and we wanted to thank you for your business over the years. This is normally the month when we do our annual barbecue catered by Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, but we’ve had to cancel a lot of our events this year due to COVID-19. We miss seeing you, so we’ve decided to shake things up: We’re bringing the barbecue to you!

The first 10 people who reply to this email with “Howdy, partner” will win a gift bag and a $50 gift card to Rudy’s. This way, you’ll still be able to have your own barbecue at home! Inside the custom Finch and Gable couture gift bag will be a pack of IBC root beer (always a crowd-pleaser), some beef jerky to tide you over until you pick up that Rudy’s meal, and an extra-large bottle of Rudy’s Bar-B-Q sauce.

Also, in September, we’ll be announcing the winner of our referral contest. You still have time to send us some referrals so you can be crowned the person who’s sent the most since last August! Competition is still close; a few of you are neck-and-neck at the moment. Please consider any friends or family members who are thinking about buying or selling a home. We’d love to help them achieve their real estate goals.

In the meantime, hit that reply button and shoot us a ‘Howdy, partner!’ The only stipulation is one prize set per household. If you have questions or needs concerning real estate, just tag that greeting onto your email explaining your situation, and we’ll be happy to talk with you. We’re always here to be your resource.