Thank you for your support this year.

2020 has been pretty tough; I know that many families still face challenges. We started this year rebranding as Finch & Gable—and then the pandemic hit. Due to that, we didn’t think we were going to launch this company. We’ve not only been through a pandemic but also all the political turmoil that’s come up this year. Nevertheless, we made it through, thanks to your support.

It’s now the Christmas season, and we were able to help over 100 families buy or sell a home here in Colorado. We’re just blessed to have been a part of our clients’ lives. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We pray that your families will be blessed during the season as we have been and that you’re able to overcome whatever trials you face.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please reach out to us. See you in 2021!