There are three upgrades you must avoid if you’re selling soon.

If you’re selling your home in the next few years, here are the top three upgrades you should avoid making:

1. An outdoor swimming pool. Here in Colorado you can only use an outdoor pool for about four months out of the year. They’re fun and exciting to have, but they’re also expensive to maintain and considered an extra liability. A lot of buyers are simply turned off by pools.

2. Solar panels. Solar panel technology is constantly improving and becoming less expensive, but if you install panels on your home, you won’t get a full return on your investment in the short term.

3. Expensive landscaping. For example, if you build any water features and/or large retaining walls you’ll be lucky to get a 25% return on value when you sell.

If you’re curious about which upgrades will fetch the best sale price for your home, give my team and me a call and we’d be happy to schedule a quick walk-through. If you have questions about any other real estate topics, feel free to give me a call as well. We’re here to help.