Today I’m explaining the three main reasons real estate deals fall apart. Want to Buy a Home? Search All Homes Want to Sell a Home? Get a Home Value Report

Today I want to explain the three main reasons why real estate deals fall apart. Some of these deal-breakers are avoidable, some are not.

1. Financing. If the buyer is having financial difficulties, like not getting the proper documentation to the lender or having issues with income, a deal can fall apart. There are many reasons financing can fall through.

“Some of these deal-breakers are avoidable, some are not.”

2. Problem with the property. If a problem with the property is found during the inspection, like a major issue with the roof or furnace that the seller is not willing to address, that can often lead to the deal falling apart. However, if you’re the seller, you have to disclose that information to the next buyer, so it always makes sense to keep the first deal together. As a buyer, if there are multiple offers on the home, you need to decide if it makes sense to cancel the deal if it’s not going to cost you that much to fix it yourself. Your Realtor can help with this decision.

3. Cold feet. Sometimes a buyer gets cold feet and backs out of the deal, or sometimes they find a house they like better.

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